Dermamelan maintenance cream


Dermamelan is an extremely effective depigmenting cream designed to reduce hyperpigmentation.

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Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream is an effective depigmentation cream that contains a blend of potent active ingredients that work together to brighten the skin on the face and other areas that have been exposed to the sun. Following the in-clinic treatment, with regular and continued use, the appearance of dark spots is dramatically improved.

This hyperpigmentation treatment works by preventing the synthesis of melanin, inhibiting the production for so long that the skin continues its natural regeneration process; shedding away the top layers of the skin and taking the pigmented areas with them.

Dermamelan can be used on its own at home as part of your skincare regime as a preventative, or as a maintenance cream following the in-clinic Dermamelan treatment.

Dermamelan contains a higher dosage of active ingredients than the Cosmelan cream.

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